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  • Jennifer Mlott

Live & Learn

One day, I was sitting down with my guitar and I was reflecting on a past relationship. I decided to write a song about it. What I wanted to do was try to come up with a lyric to start my song. I was strumming different chords until I found something that really resonated with me but I was still having trouble finding the words to start my song. Me being my goofy self, I just sang out, trying to pick a chord to play my song. I laughed at myself and said out loud, I kind of like that! LOL! I then added, Tried to find the words, they came out wrong. I decided I had a start to my song, very unconventional but it was inspiring me so hey, I went with it! Live & Learn became the title of my song. It's a song about growing through life as well as growing up and gaining experiences. It's learning what you want and what you don't want. It's about seeing the warning signs and igniting your fears and walking away!

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